How to buy crypto-currencies on Binance ?

How to buy crypto-currencies on Binance ?

You have chosen Binance as a platform to buy crypto-currencies, but you don’t know how to use it ? So we’re going to tell us how to do it step by step. However, please note that to use Binance, you must already have crypto-currencies.

The inscription on the platform Binance

It is indeed the first step to be able to buy crypto-currencies on Binance. To do this, nothing complicated. You must in fact start by choosing the language in which you want the platform to be displayed. Once this is done, you need to enter your email address and create a password. However, we recommend that you create a complex password. This will reduce in fact the risk of piracy. It only remains for you then to use Google Authentificator to secure even more your account. Although this is an optional step, we recommend that you do so. One is never careful enough.


Identity verification

Once your account is validated, you will not be able to yet take full advantage of your account on Binance. To be able to do so, your identity must first be verified. In order to do so, you must first indicate whether you are a resident or not in China. Then you need to give several information regarding your identity, that is to say, your name, your first name, your gender and your place of residence. Once this is done you must indicate the number of your proof of identity and provide a photocopy double-sided. Finally, it does not remain you more that to take your photo while you hold on to your proof of identity and a paper on which the day’s date is shown.


Make a deposit on Binance

The peculiarity of Binance is that you will have to make your deposits in crypto-currencies. So you need to click on the tab Balance and choose the crypto currency you want to deposit on your account Polionex and then click on Deposit. You must then provide the address of your online portfolio that stores your crypto-currency. Once this is done your crypto-currencies will be transferred to your account Binance and you can start to use them to buy more.


Buy crypto-currencies on Binance

Once your account has been credited with at least one kind of crypto-currency, you can use your balance to buy other crypto-currencies. For this, you need to click on the Exchange tab at the top of the screen. You will then need to choose the crypto-currency that you want to buy. Before buying a crypto-currency, you can see the price in the currency you have, its volume and the evolution of its value. Once you have validated your choice, you’ll have access to sales offers available. It remains for you to make your choice.

What you must remember

  • The platform Binance allows you to buy crypto-currencies using other crypto-currencies.
  • The first thing you need to do is create an account on Binance. You will need to secure your account with a complex password and using Google Authentificator.
  • Once your identity is validated, you will be able to enjoy totally of your account Binance.
  • You must then choose the currency you want to buy by clicking on the Exchange tab.