How to buy crypto-currencies on Changelly ?

How to buy crypto-currencies on Changelly ?

You have decided to use Changelly to buy crypto-currencies, but you do not know how to work this platform. So we will tell you how to follow step by step. However, please note that you will not be able to change your crypto-currency foreign currency actual Changelly. In addition, you will need to have a portfolio online to be able to use Changelly

Choose your online portfolio

When you use certain platforms, such as Changelly, an online portfolio is essential. It is a software that has an address where you can send and store your different crypto-currencies. To open an online portfolio, there are two solutions :

  • you can directly open an online portfolio by installing software such as Electrum ;
  • you can open an account on another platform that offers an online wallet, e.g. CoinBase, and transfer your crypto-currencies between the two accounts.

If you are a beginner, we recommend that you use the 2nd solution. The portfolios integrated online platform are in fact more simple to use.

Buy crypto-currencies on Changelly

Please note that, to buy crypto-currencies on Changelly, no registration is required. You simply indicate your e-mail address, the address of your online portfolio, the crypto-currencies that you would like and your method of payment. Next payment, you can use your credit card to pay in euros or us dollars, or use a different crypto-currency. Changelly has a very large selection of crypto-currencies since you will find more than sixty.

Once you have chosen your method of payment and crypto-currency that you want to buy, you can consult some information about the transaction, such as the exchange rate, the amount of the fee and an estimate of the duration of the transaction. If you agree with these terms, you will be able to continue to the next screen, in which you will be asked to enter the address of receipt of your crypto-currency. You must enter the details of your portfolio online. However, we recommend that you do a copy-and-paste to ensure you make no mistakes. In fact, if you made a mistake, it would be irreversible, and your crypto-currencies would be simply lost.

After you have validated the address for receipt of crypto-currencies, you will see a screen summarizing all of the details of the transaction. Check that there are no errors before proceeding. Once this is done, your transaction is recorded and your crypto-currencies will be transferred to the given address.

What you must remember

  • Changelly is a platform on which you can buy crypto-currencies using other crypto-currencies or your bank card.
  • On Changelly, you can buy crypto-currencies without the need to register. However, you can’t change your crypto-currencies for real money.
  • Once you have purchased your crypto-currency, it is transferred to your online wallet. Therefore, you will need an online portfolio.
  • Be careful not to make a mistake in the address of your online portfolio. In fact, once the transaction is committed, it is irreversible.