How to buy litecoin (LTC) on CoinBase ?

How to buy litecoin (LTC) on CoinBase ?

You want to use the platform Coinbase to buy Litecoin, but you don’t know how it works ? So enjoy this guide where you will find the steps to get there.

Your registration on Coinbase

The first thing to do to be able to buy litecoins on Coinbase is in effect to register on the site. But don’t worry, it’s really not difficult. Start by clicking on the ” register “, then provide the requested information, that is to say your first name, last name and your e-mail. You also need to create a password. It should be complex enough to limit the risk that your account is hacked. Once this is done, you will receive an e-mail which contains a link. By clicking on it, you will validate your account Coinbase.

Once your account is validated, you must indicate whether you are an individual or a company. You will then need to give your mobile telephone number, you will receive an SMS with a code to enter on the platform Coinbase. Finally, in order to establish a second security, we advise you to link your mobile phone, you will receive an SMS with a code to confirm every transaction.

The verification of your identity

But you still can’t deposit on Coinbase. Before that, you need to prove your identity. The easiest way to do so is to take a picture with a piece of id to hand. You can use your identity card, your driving licence or your passport, and the photo can be taken with your webcam or your mobile phone. However, if you prefer, it is also possible to send a photocopy of the front and back of your credential. In addition, the audit will be carried out quickly since it is made in an automatic way.

Make a deposit on Coinbase

Once your identity is verified, you can make a deposit on Coinbase. The money you deposit you will enable to buy Litecoin. You can do so by credit card or by bank transfer. For this, you simply go to your profile by clicking your photo in the top right of the screen. You can add this payment specifying the details of your payment method. There, you will then more than to fulfill your request for payment and validated.


Buy Litecoin on Coinbase

When your account is credited, you can finally buy litecoins. To do this, you must go into the buying menu, and select the crypto-currency that you want to buy – which, in this case, will be the Litecoin. You then need to find the offer that suits you, and then commit the transaction.

What you must remember

  • To buy litecoins on Coinbase, you must first register on Coinbase.
  • After you have validated your account, you must provide an identity document in course of validity for your identity to be verified.
  • You must then make a deposit. To do this, you can use your credit card or bank transfer.
  • You can then go to the “Purchase” to buy litecoins.