How to choose a wallet of crypto-currencies

How to choose a wallet of crypto-currencies

If you begin to use the crypto-currencies, you will need a portfolio. It will allow you to actually store your crypto-currency, but also of the send, receive, buy or sell. However, you will find many types and you may have some difficulty in seeing you there, and make your choice.

The different types of portfolios of crypto-currencies online

Before you choose your portfolio of crypto-currencies, you must determine the type of portfolio that you want to use. There are several, all with their own characteristics and advantages.

  • The first type of portfolio that we’re going to see is the one found on a trading platform for crypto-currencies. These platforms, such as Coinbase, thus enable you to trade various crypto-currencies but also take advantage of a portfolio. These are portfolios that are very simple to use. They settle in effect automatically during the creation of your account and you need to make on your portfolio to be able to instantly generate a new address. The crypto-currency supported in different platforms. So don’t hesitate to consult the crypto-currencies available on each interface before you create an account.
  • You will find portfolios multi-wallet. These are portfolios that are versatile, which allow you to use multiple crypto-currencies. Although they are a little more complex to use than the portfolios of the platforms, they remain the most complete and convenient to use as the portfolios simple that we will describe later. If you use multiple crypto-currencies, and that you’re not necessarily a novice with the crypto-currency, this could be the portfolio of crypto-currency is perfect for you. Among the portfolios the multi-wallet the most used, you will find Jaxx.
  • Finally, you will find many portfolios that are valid for a single currency. Although they are less complete than other types of portfolio, they will allow you to have many advantages. The most important, the completeness increased compared to the different purses versatile. You will, for example, the portfolio officials from each crypto-currency.

The portfolio of crypto-currencies

Once you have chosen the type of portfolio of crypto-currencies as you wish, it only remains for you that to choose a wallet. We present the portfolios that we find most interesting in each category. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, as there are far too many portfolios online, and we don’t want to propose to you that the best.

The portfolios of trading platforms crypto-currency

In this category, you will find a large number of platforms, among which…

  • The platform Coinbase is one of the leading trading platforms for crypto-currencies. Indeed, it is an interface that allows you to trade easily crypto-currencies, the most popular such as Bitcoin or Litecoin. This is exactly the same thing with its portfolio of crypto-currencies that you should not pose the slightest problem. In fact, your wallet will be installed by default, and you’ll simply have to generate an address to create a new one. However, your identity must be validated so that you can generate new addresses.
  • The interface BitBay also offers many options since you can trade a large number of crypto-currencies in a very secure system. You will have two means of protection with a password required at the connection, but also with two-factor authentication, which provides a second protection. You can store your crypto-currency without worrying about its safety. It is a good thing, since you can now take advantage of the very good portfolio of BitBay, which perfectly combines effectiveness and simplicity : your wallet will be automatically available and you have to do is click on a button to generate a new address.
  • Binance is another platform to be very effective, but it is somewhat different from the previous two in that it only offers the exchange of crypto-currencies, which means that you will not be able to buy or sell the crypto-currency for real money. However, his portfolio is just as interesting as the other two platforms, since you can use it in a simple way. It will be installed during the creation of your account and you will need to click on a button to generate a new address.

The portfolios multi-wallet

These portfolios multi-wallet are very interesting, because they provide many options while being versatile. Here are the ones we prefer :

  • Jaxx is a portfolio that enables you to receive, send, and receive your crypto-currency in a simple way while taking advantage of the many options. For example, you can choose if you want to download or not the blockchain, enjoy a blockchain attractive and simplified, and many other options. You can also use it as well on your computer than on your mobile phone, so that it is possible to enjoy your crypto-currency in all the places where you find yourself.
  • The wallet Coinomi works the same way as Jaxx, since it will allow you to send and receive all your different crypto-currencies. However, it is a wallet that focuses on security since your private key will be encrypted and stored on your computer. It also features a smooth interface and intuitive that allows you to enjoy easy navigation.

Portfolios simple

These are portfolios that do allow you to store only a single crypto-currency. But they are very complete, since you will be able to download the entire blockchain. These are generally the portfolios ‘ official crypto-currency, this ensures that you always have a wallet simple. To find the designated portfolio of the crypto-currency that you want to use, simply download it on the official website of the crypto-currency in question. However, if you want to use many crypto-currencies, this type of portfolio is not advised since it will require you to install numerous software.

What you must remember

  • Before you choose your portfolio of crypto-currencies, you must determine the type of wallet that you want to use.
  • You can choose between a portfolio of platform, one wallet single or a portfolio of multi-wallet.