How to earn interests with your crypto-currencies

Having money on deposit at the bank to collect interest. But what about crypto-currencies ? You didn’t know perhaps, but this possibility exists. With some crypto-currencies you perceive interests as directly as with a bank deposit, while in other scenarios you need to perform a small process. Explanations.

Of interest as to the bank on your crypto-currencies !

Put your savings on deposit at the bank generates interest. They are certainly not folichons : since the financial crisis of 2008, the rates offered by the banks have followed the downward curve of interest rates of central banks, which are only beginning to recover after years of zero rates. But it is better than nothing. Your crypto-currencies can also earn you interest. As promised in my article on the tokens, as to dividends, here’s everything you need to know to earn interest with your crypto-currencies. First of all, make the distinction between the two ways to obtain this performance :

  • Buy crypto-currency that have a built-in mechanism of payment of interest to holders who choose to park on the wallet official
  • Buy crypto-currencies that can be lent on the platform of the exchange for margin trading, and who therefore report the interest for the provision of funds
  • Let’s now review some cryptos that generate interest, as well as how to proceed to obtain such an income with your Bitcoins.

    Empocher des dividendesAnd if you up the sub with our cryptos ? Source Pixabay

    1. The crypto-currency interest

    Just like the banks offer interest on the deposits in euros, some of the designers of crypto-currencies have chosen to include a mechanism of interest for holders who choose to save their virtual currency on the wallet official. The objective is clear : to encourage hoarding, so by corollary reduce supply and support prices. Here are a few crypto-currencies that have these characteristics :

    DigitalNote (XDN)

    DigitalNote is a crypto-currency that is classified in the category of privacy corners (Monero, Zcash, Dash, Tail, etc). In addition to not be traceable, XDN prevents the mining ASIC. This virtual currency also offers an interest rate of 0.4 to 1,094 %. To win this kind of performance, the corners should be blocked for a period ranging from one month to 10 years. They must obviously be stored on the wallet official XDN.

    The user must also perform the procedure of filing, which will block XDN during the period defined by him. The mechanism corresponds to the one of a term deposit in euros at your bank (the sum is blocked during x period of time, and the longer this period is, the more the interests are high).

    intérêts REBLThe portfolio Rebellious, and interests (Collect Reward) – Print screen

    Rebellious (REBL)

    I’ve already told you of the Rebellious, who finished his ” ICO free there is little. In addition to having parachuted gracefully its tokens, this crypto-currency has the particularity to offer of interest. The REBL stored on the portfolio’s official Rebellious allow you to receive, free of charge. The mechanism is much more interesting than the one explained above : no need to block your corner to benefit from it. After you have resided continuously for 10 days on your wallet, your REBL, you are entitled to a 10% annual interest.

    Interests may be affected every 10 or 30 days. For example, if you have 4,000 chips distributed during the airdrop, and that you ask for your interests after 10 days, you receive 10,95 REBL (4 000 * 10 % / 365 * 10). After 30 days 32,87 REBL. Only one small concern, you need to pay the transaction fee because it is a token Ethereum ERC-20. And given the respective prices of REBL and transactions (gas), sometimes it’s a transaction financially losing proposition (except if you anticipate a significant appreciation of tokens Rebellious). Under the cares of the network Ethereum, Rebellious has also announced the acceleration of the process of creating its own chain of blocks, which was originally scheduled for the Q1 2019.

    NavCoin (NAV)

    NavCoin is another crypto-currency that focuses on anonymity that allows you to earn 5 % interest when the wallet house is placed in ” staking “. After a year, the developers promise a return of 5 %.

    2. To take his crypto-currencies in exchange for interests

    Another option to obtain interest from its investments in crypto-currencies is to pay to exchange platforms, or rather to investors who engage in the risky business of trading on margin. Coinbase is one of the many platforms that provide this kind of solution. You set the amount you wish to lend, as well as the rate of interest that you want to collect. It is only then that a trader on margin accept your offer to collect your interests.

    This kind of solution, however, is only available to the crypto-currency major Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc, This opportunity is relatively recent and opens gradually to an increasing number of cryptos, but do not discount being able to enjoy it with a small currency electronic alternative.

    The other side of the coin is that your corners must of course remain on the exchange platform, with all the risks involved (hacking, dissolution at the Mt Gox, etc).