How to have a server dedicated GPU with graphics card ?

In the world of new technologies, there is no stopping the progress. The items sold on the market it be perfect, without judgment, gaining power ever more important. Do so the point on the servers GPU dedicated with graphics card, a concept that should not be totally unknown to the real cryptophiles…

Servers GPU dedicated to the honor

Start by asking the basics semantics of our subject, a reminder never making trouble for the most seasoned. The acronym ” GPU ” comes to us straight from the English Graphics Processing Unit. So, we see that with the server GPU we are at the crossroads of many different paths : graphic card, server, micro-processor… ?

It is a set in which the first function is to calculate a display with an important storage capacity. In itself, this dedicated server is a kind of small computer. With the rise of the mining of crypto-currencies, component and computer graphics is of particular importance.

By definition, the server GPU with graphics card – dedicated – we are interested in resists during integrated. Externally, it has a CPU, a hard drive, RAM, a video card and a setup.

How to develop a server dedicated GPU with graphics card ?

The first thing to do is to set out clear objectives. Why would there be a server dedicated GPU of this type ? Its uses can be multiple. This is typically going to the crypto-mining via GPU uses graphics very advanced (including DAO and editing videos) through proofs of concept such as a scientific – this list is not exhaustive. The purchase and drive can be a sacred investment, especially if the case is complicating things at the end of a few months. Also, the subscription with built-in support is generally the best.

The ideal is to be able to rely on a setup and offered a promotional offer, if only for the first few months (the rates are usually a monthly rent). Aim for a permanent support, that is to say 24 h/24 & 7 j/7. The processors are generally Intel (Xeon) and the graphics card of the invoice Radeon or NVIDIA. A ram DDR4, ranging between 8 gb and 16 Gb is extremely powerful. The same, except use really specific, a storage space with a SATA 3 1 Tb seems to be able to largely do the trick. Your CPU should be higher than 3 GHz for a comfortable use. Be aware that the prices are variable according to the material : between 20 and 230 € per month, in general, offers the most common !

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