How to receive crypto-currencies on BitBay ?

How to receive crypto-currencies on BitBay ?

You want to use BitBay to receive the crypto-currency, but you don’t know how to do it. Here is our complete guide to do it step by step.

Your registration on BitBay

Before you can receive the crypto-currency using BitBay, the first thing to do is to register on this platform. However, this should not pose you any problem since it is really easy. For a start, you must specify your e-mail address. You will then need to create a user name, a pin code and a password. However, we recommend that you choose a password that is fairly complex. This will allow you to be better protected against hacking attempts. Once this is done, you will receive an email containing a link with which you can validate your account. In addition, you can enjoy a second level of protection using Google Authenticator. If this is totally optional, we recommend that you still enjoy to offer a better protection to your valuable crypto-currency.

The verification of your account

Even if your account BitBay is now validated, it is not yet fully functional. For this, it is necessary to verify your identity. However, this is not very complicated since you just need to follow different steps. To begin, you must fill out a form containing several pieces of personal information, including your first name, last name, address and date of birth. In addition, you will also need to provide several documents. The first of them is the photocopy of the front and back of an identity document in course of validity. It can be an identity card, a passport or a driving licence. In addition, you will need to provide a proof of address dating from less than 6 months. Again, you have the choice, since this can be a contract, an official document issued by the State or an invoice.

Create your receiving address and receive crypto-currency on BitBay

However, before being able to receive the crypto-currency on your account BitBay, you will need to create a receiving address on this platform. To this end, go to your profile and click on ” Generate New Address “. This is the address that you will receive your crypto-currency. Therefore, you must give the issuer of the dispatch of your crypto-currency. It will indeed be necessary for it to initiate the transaction. However, we advise you, as well as to the transmitter, using copy-and-paste to enter the address. Shipments of crypto-currencies are in effect irreversible and, therefore, if you are using an incorrect address, the crypto-currency that you are supposed to receive could be permanently lost…

What you must remember

  • The first thing to do before you can receive the crypto-currency on BitBay is for you to create an account on this platform.
  • You then need to verify your identity in order to be able to take full advantage of BitBay.
  • You will need to generate an address which he will need to provide to the issuer. It will be indispensable to send the crypto-currency.