How to recognize a crypto-trader ?

The universe of crypto-currency is fascinating, it grabs quickly to the virus. Here’s how to recognize a crypto-trader :

  • My life was once busy and varied, I had many hobbies and passions. Today, only one thing counts.
  • I had such a busy social life. Even if I didn’t see all of my friends in flesh and bone, we talked often via social networks. Now, I do frequent more than specialized websites, such as
  • I need sleep to be in shape, that is why I was sure to always get a good night of restorative sleep of 8 hours. Now, my alarm clock is called Blockfolio. He may call on me at any hour of the day and night, it is always urgent and I must answer the call.
  • I had a love life fulfilling. The best I have transmitted the virus to my wife or to my little friend, and our only topic of conversation now revolves around the evolution of prices. At worst, she packed and left, or she got it wrong in the next room… and I’m far too absorbed for me to realize it, or I don’t care royally.
  • I can set for hours, as an autistic person, my screen and my graphics without getting bored.
  • The best thriller cannot compete with the excitement generated by the spectacular rise of a crypto-currency that I have purchased.
  • I just can’t stop me (or, better still, at corners, or to those which I have followed the advice) to have made bad decisions : why have I sold this, why haven’t I sold it, I knew that I would have had to buy more…
  • I have the impression of being a little genius of Wall Street, because I earned money during the bull market, the most spectacular of the financial history, even if 6 months ago I had never heard of the term bull market.
  • Eat, go to the toilet and many other things that I considered as basic needs were suddenly more important. I will eat or I refresh only when the volatility will subside.
  • When it happens to me to meet an acquaintance, is now rare, my investments are the only thing I want to talk about, and I don’t understand why my interlocutors are not receptive.
  • Yes… I’ve become a crypto-trader !

    cryptos avant/après