How to sell crypto-coins on Coinbase ?

How to sell crypto-coins on Coinbase ?

You want to sell crypto-coins on Coinbase, but you don’t know too much about how to work this platform. No problem, we’ll show you the procedure step by step.

Your registration on Coinbase

Before you can sell the crypto-currency on Coinbase, you must first open an account on this platform. However, this should not pose you too many problems since this is quite simple. You simply have to follow different steps. To begin with, you need to indicate your name, your first name and your email address. You will also need to create a password. To enjoy a maximum of security in relation to piracy, we advise you to choose a password that is fairly complex. Once this is done, you will receive an e-mail containing the link that will allow you to validate your account.

As soon as you have validated your account, you must indicate whether you are registering as an individual or as a company. You will then need to give your mobile phone number before entering on Coinbase the code that you received via SMS. In addition, we recommend that you associate your mobile phone number and your account Coinbase. This will allow you to add a second security since you will get a message during each transaction.

The verification of your identity

However, you still can’t enjoy fully your account Coinbase. You must first prove your identity. But, again, this is not very difficult since you will simply need to provide proof of identity in progress of validity. It may be your identity card, your passport or your driving licence. For the provide, it is necessary for you to take a photo of it so that you keep your proof of id to hand. You can do it using your webcam or mobile phone. However, if you prefer to proceed in a more traditional manner, you can also send your documents. For this, you need to post them directly on the platform Coinbase.

Sell the crypto-currency on Coinbase

Before you can sell the crypto-currency on Coinbase, you need to have on this platform. You can get in several ways : the miner, the transfer from an online wallet, or another platform or well buy. To sell, you need to go in the tab “Sell” and enter the amount of crypto-currency that you want to resell. You will then need to select the portfolio that will be making the crypto-currency, as well as the account on which will be paid the money. If you agree with the order, it remains for you to confirm. Once the transaction is validated, the crypto-currency will be transferred to the buyer and you will receive the money from the sale.

What you must remember

  • To sell the crypto-currency on Coinbase, you must first register on this platform and validate your account.
  • You must then prove your identity by submitting an identity document in course of validity.
  • You will need to finally go to the tab “Sell” and select the amount of the crypto-currency that you want to resell. You must then select the portfolio from which the crypto-currency will be sold and the account to which the money will be transferred.