How to sell Ethereum (ETH) on BitBay ?

How to sell Ethereum (ETH) on BitBay ?

You want to sell Ethereum using BitBay, but you don’t know how to do it. It is for this reason that we offer you this guide to help you get there step after step.

Your registration on BitBay

Before you can sell Ethereum using BitBay, you must first register on this platform. However, don’t worry, it’s really easy since you just need to follow different steps. The first is to provide your mail address and that you create a user name, a pin code and a password. However, in order to limit the risks of piracy, we recommend that you set a password complex enough. Once this is completed, you will receive an e-mail which will contain the link necessary to validate your registration. You can also enjoy a second level of protection using Google Authenticator. If this is totally optional, we can only advise you to enjoy it. Your crypto-currency needs to be protected in the best way.

The verification of your identity

However, even if your account is validated, you can’t even take advantage of BitBay in an optimal manner. You will need to verify your identity. However, this is not really difficult, since you just need to follow the different steps. The first of these is to fill in a form in which you must specify information, such as your name, your name, your address and your date of birth. You will then need to send a photocopy of an identity document in course of validity. It can be an identity card, a passport or a driving licence. Finally, you will submit a proof of address dating from less than 6 months.

Sell Ethereum on BitBay

If you want to sell Ethereum on BitBay, you must first have them on your account. For you to buy, you can be the miner, or transfer them from an online wallet, or another interface, or buy directly on the platform. Once this is done, it only remains for you that to sell it. To do this, you must go under the tab “Sell” and click on the button “New Order” before you select ” Sell “. Then, it is necessary that you choose the number of ethers that you want to sell and for what amount you want to transfer. Once your sell order has been chosen and the transaction is accepted and validated, you will receive the money from the sale in your account while the buyer will receive the Ethereum that you have sold.

What you must remember

  • To sell Ethereum using BitBay, you deve you create an account on this platform.
  • Your identity must be verified in order to be able to take advantage of BitBay optimally and make a deposit.
  • Finally, in order to sell the crypto-currency, you will need to create a sales order, you can do it in the section ” Sell “.