How to sell the Monero (XMR) on Binance ?

How to sell the Monero (XMR) on Binance ?

You want to sell the Monero on Binance, but you don’t know how to work this platform. This is not a problem since you can take advantage of this guide to reach the make step-by-step.

Your registration on Binance

Before you can sell the Monero using Binance, you have to register on this platform. However, no worries since this is really not difficult. You simply follow the steps. The first thing to do is to select the language in which you want to view the interface. You will then need to enter your email address and set your password. However, we recommend that you choose a complex password in order to limit the risk of piracy. In addition, you can enjoy a second level of protection using Google Authenticator. Even if it is optional, we still recommend to do so.

The verification of your identity

However, even if your account is validated, you still can’t enjoy all the features of Binance. But, again, this is not complicated. You just need to follow different steps. The first of these is to indicate whether or not you are a resident chinese. Then you need to give more information about your identity, including your name, your first name, your gender and the country in which you reside. You will need to give the number of your identification and provide a photocopy double-sided. Finally, you will need to take your photo while you hold to hand your id and a paper that shows the date of the day.

Sell the Monero using Binance

However, before you can sell the Monero using the interface Binance, you’ll obviously need to have them on your account. To get a hold of them, you can the miner, the transfer from an online wallet, or another platform or then buy it using other crypto-currencies. Once that is done, it only remains for you that to sell your Monero.

However, please note that on Binance you will not be able to sell your Monero as against another crypto-currency. To do this, so you need to go in the tab ” Buy/Sell “. Here, you will need to select the dialog on which to “Sell” is marked. You then need to choose the amount of moneros that you want to sell and the value at which you want it to be sold. It only remains for you that to create your sell order. However, if you find a purchase requisition with which you are satisfied, you can also directly accept it. Once your transaction is accepted and validated, you will receive crypto-currency on the part of the buyer while he himself receives your Monero.

What you must remember

  • Binance is a platform that only allows you to exchange crypto currencies against other crypto-currencies.
  • However, before you begin to sell your Monero, you must create an account on this platform and prove your identity.
  • To sell, you can create a sales order, but you can also respond to a purchase request.