How to send Bitcoin (BTC) on BitBay ?

How to send Bitcoin (BTC) on BitBay ?

You want to use the platform BitBay to send Bitcoin, but you don’t know how to proceed. No problem, we offer you a step by step guide.

Register on the platform, the BitBay

To be able to send Bitcoin by using BitBay, you must first register on the platform. However, do not worry, this is really not difficult. The first thing to do is to enter your email address and set your user name, your pin code and your password. However, to ensure greater security vis-à-vis piracy, we recommend that you choose a complex password. Once this is done, you will receive an e-mail which contains a link that will allow you to validate your account. In addition, you can enjoy a second protection using Google Authenticator. Even if it is optional, we advise you to do so. This will allow you to better protect your crypto-currency.

The verification of your account

Although your account is validated, you can not take full advantage of BitBay. To do this, you will need to verify your identity. However, no worries since it is really very simple. You simply have to follow different steps. The first of them is to fill in a form in which to fill in various personal information such as your name, your name, your date of birth and your address. You must also send several documents, that is to say, a photocopy of the front and back of an identity document in course of validity – either an identity card, a passport or a driving licence – and proof of address dated within the last 6 months.

Buy bitcoins on BitBay

Once all your information is validated, you need to obtain bitcoins. For this, you have several solutions :

  • you can transfer them from your online wallet or from another platform ;
  • you can send from a pool of blasting ;
  • you can buy them. However, if you want to buy, we advise you to do so by bank transfer, because it is the easiest method.

Send bitcoins using BitBay

Once your bitcoins are in your account BitBay, it only remains for you to send. To do this, go to the tab “Funding” and click on ” Withdraw “. Then, you can simply choose “Bitcoin,” the crypto-currency that you want to send, and then add the address of the recipient of your shipment. However, we recommend that you do a copy-and-paste to add the address as an error would be problematic. The sending of bitcoins is irreversible, which means that if you make a mistake, your bitcoins will be permanently lost. Once everything is verified, you can validate.

What you must remember

  • The first thing you have to do is register on BitBay.
  • However, to be able to make a deposit, you will need to give several personal information.
  • Once you have bitcoins, you can send them via the tab “Funding” and then clicking on ” Withdraw “.