How to send crypto-currencies ?

How to send crypto-currencies ?

You want to send crypto-currencies, but you don’t know how to do it. To help you, so we will guide you step by step to allow you to progress without any problem.

Why send crypto-currencies

There may be several reasons. The most obvious reason is because you have decided to sell your crypto-currency. The buyer will send you money for real or another crypto-currency so that you will send him the crypto-currency you are selling. But you can also use your crypto-currency to pay online. Many commercial websites accept payments in crypto-currency. Finally, you may want to transfer your crypto-currencies between two platforms, or with an online wallet. As you can see, there are many reasons to send crypto-currency, that fact that it is a manipulation that you absolutely must know.

How to send your crypto-currencies

Regardless of the reason for which you send the crypto-currency, the procedure is always the same. In a first step, you need to have the crypto-currency that is stored on a secure site. It can be :

  • a platform that includes a portfolio, such as Coinbase. It is often the simplest solution for beginners, even if she sometimes has a few limitations, including the inability to store crypto-currencies not offered by the site ;
  • an online wallet, like Electrum. It is a tool that is more sharp and sophisticated ; however, it can be difficult to use for beginners.

These two tools storage secure have an address that allows to identify transactions. But this will also be the case of the receiver of your shipment. Each address is unique.

To send crypto-currencies, so you should refer to your portfolio to verify that you have enough of crypto-currency to meet the shipment. You will then need to select the option to “Send” (or “Send” if the portfolio is in English) and set the quantity and the nature of the crypto-currency that you want to send. Once this is done, you need to specify the address of the recipient. However, for greater security, we recommend that you copy-paste the address taking care to not add spaces at the beginning or at the end of the address. A shipment of crypto-currency is irreversible and, if you make a mistake in the address, your crypto-currencies will be simply lost.

Once you are sure of the accuracy of the data entered, you can validate the order. After verification of the transaction by the blockchain, your shipment is confirmed and, in the case of sale or purchase, you will receive your consideration.

What you must remember

  • You can have many reasons for sending to the crypto-currency. It is, therefore, a handling to know absolutely.
  • To be able to send the crypto-currency, you need to have a portfolio, whether independent or as part of a platform.
  • You will need to be very careful when your shipments, in particular to indicate the address of the recipient, given that a shipment of crypto-currency is irreversible. Therefore, in case of an error, your crypto-currencies will be simply lost.