How to send Ethereum (ETH) on Binance ?

How to send Ethereum (ETH) on Binance ?

You want to send to Ethereum using Binance, but you don’t know how to take you there. To help you, we offer you a guide to learn how to use the platform step by step.

Your registration on Binance

Before you can use Binance to send to Ethereum, you need to create an account on this platform. However, this is not really difficult. To begin your registration, you will need to first choose the language in which you want the platform to be displayed (French most likely). You will then need to enter your email address, but also set your password. However, in order to limit the risk of piracy, we recommend that you choose a complex password. Finally, it is possible to add a second security by using Google Authenticator. Even if it remains totally optional, we strongly recommend that you do this. One is never too careful with crypto-currencies.


The verification of your identity

However, you will not be able to still make the most of your account Binance. In fact, it still remains for you to prove your identity. But no need to worry, because you simply follow the steps that are provided to you. To begin, please indicate if you are a resident or not in China before give several personal information, that is to say your name, your first name, your gender and the country in which you live. You must then indicate the number of your identity card before you to provide a photocopy double-sided. Finally, you will need to take a photo with your id and a paper on which the date is indicated.

Buy Ethereum with Binance

To be able to send to Ethereum, you’ll need to have them on your account Binance. You can buy it in different ways. You can indeed import them from your online wallet, or another platform, but it is also possible to trade other crypto-currencies against Ethereum. Finally, you can earn ethers thanks to the blasting.

Send Ethereum with Binance

Once you have Ethereum on your account Binance, you can send it to other accounts. For this, you need to select “Ethereum” in the list of crypto-currencies to send, and then specify the address of the recipient of your shipment. Please note, however, that a shipment of ethers is irreversible, which means that if you make a mistake in the recipient’s address your Ethereum will be simply lost. To avoid this type of inconvenience, we recommend that you add this address by doing a copy-and-paste. After having carefully checked that everything is correct, it only remains for you to do is choose the number of ethers that you want to send before you complete the transaction.

What you must remember

  • Before you can send Ethereum, you must first register on Binance and validate your registration.
  • You will then need to provide you with the Ethereum.
  • Finally, to send the ethers, you need to select “Ethereum” in the list of crypto-currencies that you can send. You then need to add the address of the recipient of your shipment and set the number of ethers that you want to transfer. You will have to validate.