How to send the Monero (XMR) on BitBay ?

How to send the Monero (XMR) on BitBay ?

You want to use the platform BitBay to send Monero, but you don’t know how to do it. No problem, we will explain to you step-by-step.

Your registration on BitBay

Before you can send Monero with BitBay, you must create an account on this platform. This is really not difficult, given that you just need to follow the different steps mentioned. You must first indicate your e-mail, as well as generate your user name, your pin code and your password. However, we advise you to opt for a complex password, which will allow you to limit the risks of piracy. Once this is done, you will receive an email containing a link with which you can validate your account. In addition, you can enjoy a second level of protection using Google Authenticator. This step is totally optional, but we advise you to use it. This will allow you actually to protect your crypto-currency.

The verification of your account

However, even if your account is validated, you can not still take full advantage of BitBay. Your identity must be verified. But no worries because it is really very simple. You simply follow a few steps. To get started, enter several personal information, including your name, your name, your address and the date of your birthday. Then you need to provide several documents, including your proof of identity and proof of address.

Buy Monero with BitBay

However, before being able to send Monero using BitBay, you will need to purchase. For this, you can proceed in three different ways :

  • transfer from your portfolio online or via another platform ;
  • by transfer from a pool of blasting ;
  • buy directly on the platform, however, we advise you choose the payment by bank transfer, which is the simplest method.

Send Monero with BitBay

As soon as you have the Monero on your account BitBay, you can send them. To do this, go to the tab “Funding” and click on ” Withdraw “. You must then select “Monero” in the list of crypto-currencies available to be sent. The next step is to add the recipient’s address. This is a very important step since you don’t need to absolutely not make an error. Send Monero is in effect irreversible and a transaction to an incorrect address would result simply in the loss of your Monero. It is for this reason that we recommend that you add it by doing a copy-and-paste. Once this is done, it only remains for you to indicate the amount of XMR that you want to send before you complete the transaction.

What you must remember

  • Before you can send Monero with BitBay, you must create an account.
  • However, before you make a deposit, you will have to provide several pieces of personal information.
  • Once you have XMR on BitBay, you can send them on another account.