How to send the Ripple (XRP) ?

How to send the Ripple (XRP) ?

You want to send the Ripple, but you don’t know how to proceed. So let us guide you step by step to achieve this without any problem. For information, the Ripple is a crypto-currency open source and decentralized very useful for making transfers. Thanks to him, you can make international transfers, paying the price of a transfer is local.

Create a portfolio online Ripple before ordering

To be able to store the ripples you want to send, you have two solutions :

  • the first is to use a platform like Bittrex, where you can not only conduct transactions but also store your crypto-currencies, including your Ripple. This system is mainly intended for pure beginners ;
  • the second solution is to create a portfolio online that will be certainly a little less accessible, but much more secure as it allows you to generate your own private keys. To do this, simply search the term ” XRR “before pressing the” + ” button. You must then generate a new address, which is done by clicking on ” Generate New Address “. You will need to put the address aside, as you keep pouring some more a little later to transfer your Ripple.

Get in the Ripple

Before you can send ripples, you must first obtain. For this, you have two solutions :

  • if you already have, you can transfer them from another platform or portfolio that you would use for your shipment. For the transfer, you must use the address that was previously created ;
  • if you don’t have one, you can buy it. However, it is quite difficult to acquire for real money and you will probably need to buy another crypto-currency before the exchange of the Ripple. To exchange your crypto-currency for the ripples, we recommend that you use the platform Changelly. It is indeed a platform that is not only very reliable, but over which you will also find a big choice of crypto-currencies.

Send ripples

To send the Ripple, this works exactly the same as for all crypto-currencies. You should ensure that your Ripple is in sufficient quantity on the platform, or the online wallet that you want to use for your shipment. You will then need to select “Ripple” among the crypto-currencies that you can send. Once this is done, you will need to add the address of the receiver of your shipment. However, we advise you to be very careful and add this address by doing a copy-and-paste. Sending ripples is in effect irreversible and if the address of the recipient of your shipment is inaccurate, your ripples will be simply lost. You will also be asked to indicate the amount of ripples you want to send before you complete the transaction.

What you must remember

  • The Ripple is a currency open-source and decentralized. Thanks to it, you can benefit from very advantageous rates to make international bank transfers.
  • For transactions in Ripple, you need an online portfolio.
  • Shipments of ripples are irreversible, so take care not to deceive you.