Huawei launches BlockChain Services

Huawei Technologies is famous for its smartphones, particularly high-performance. But, today, the chinese company is launching a new platform called BlockChain Services, and is therefore turning to this now famous technology.

The advantages of the technology BlockChain

Huawei Technologies has no intention of letting his cake and wants to participate in the great adventure of technology BlockChain. The chinese giant wants to develop a combination of protections varied to optimize the network BlockChain. It will provide turnkey services to developers and businesses. But this is not all, as Huawei also wants to make professional support.

Pixabay – Geralt / The chinese giant wants to actively participate in the technology BlockChain.

Indeed, the platform BlockChain Services that will assist clients in the planning, purchasing, development, configuration, management, and launch of their products in connection with the technology BlockChain. The start-up costs and fees in connection with these products will be very limited, and it is thus that Huawei Technologies is hoping to make the difference in this highly competitive sector.

A rapid development

BlockChain Services will be at first only offered to chinese customers, because there is a lot of translation work to make it upstream before extending it to the international level. But this development should be fast, and Huawei Technologies is hoping to expand its services abroad by the end of the year.

Pixabay MaxFonz / Huawei launches a new service for professionals.

We know that Huawei Technologies wishes to participate in the technology BlockChain since the chinese company holds the role of vice-chair of the Trusted Blockchain Alliance launched a few months ago by the government. The objective is to foster the development of applications BlockChain in the country, and 150 companies are participating in this adventure.

The launch of BlockChain Services, and is therefore in the framework of a strategy is successful and thoughtful, for as Huawei Technologies has established itself as a true reference in the sector at the international level.

Source : CryptoVest