Huawei plans to release the first mobile phone to BlockChain

Huawei would be on the verge of developing the world’s first smartphone running apps BlockChain. The third-largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world wants to take part in the adventure as quickly as possible, and to consider the release of this smartphone as early as this year.

A clear objective

Huawei has definitely a lot of ambition and wishes to actively take part in the technology BlockChain. In fact, the giant based in Shenzhen would like to propose a smartphone BlockChain as early as this year. For the moment, the company is discussing with SIRIN LABS in order to integrate SIRIN OS to some of its smartphones.

Huawei Logo / The business of mobile telephony is negotiating with a partner in order to democratize the technology BlockChain.

The goal is to be able to run applications BlockChain while continuing to support the Android operating system. However, this information is to be taken with a grain of salt, because – to this day no agreement has been signed. That is not to say that the negotiations are not currently underway, on the contrary !

Of the ongoing negotiations

SIRIN LABS and Huawei are therefore in the middle of negotiations about the future of their collaboration. It was also able to read on a discussion group Telegram the following : “A meeting exciting between SIRIN LABS, and Huawei has just come to an end. The possibility of a collaboration was broached. It could benefit the general public of the technology BlockChain, in a secure manner. “

Pixabay – HawkHD / Huawei would be about to release the first smartphone BlockChain.

If such a partnership were to be realized, the mobile phone giant Huawei would then become the first manufacturer of smartphones in the world to turn to technology BlockChain. Which could have a consequence on the use of the latter by the general public.

To this day, the technology BlockChain has certainly proven, but it remains very little used. A smartphone incorporating this technology could democratize the latter.

Source : Bloomberg