Hush, a ICO logic for a néobanque community, tokenisée and open to crypto-currencies

Hush is a project of néobanque European announced, a few weeks ago, which presents a project of néobanque original in the offer but especially in the community model and open on the crypto-currencies.

Hush, an offer contextualized for each

In the tender Hush will propose an account with an IBAN number and a card in euro, with a number of features as the most neobanques current European. To differentiate the services, the guarantees and insurance taken out or included in the map will be contextualized according to the needs or location of the user.

This is interesting because often we don’t know the insurances included in the card, and don’t know how to use it in case of need. Hush will also propose a Project account to finance one or more projects, a mix between a savings account and a crowdfunding where you put money on his project at his pace, but that we can also share with their friends.

Finally, the Hush will have a foreign exchange service and wallet in crypto-currency that will allow people to more easily use its crypto-currencies to make their purchases. As Hush seeks approval for the establishment of the European payment and a licence to the card issuer, it should be free of the difficulties encountered lately, with prepaid cards.

A new bank, incorporating the traditional ways and crypto-currencies

A hybrid business model to both benefit from the traditional services expected of a bank (bank transfer, direct debit, card, insurance, …) but also an openness to the new payment with the crypto-currencies.

But beyond the offer, which is interesting in the project, Hush, this is the token of USH which is the basis for neobanque community, see a day of decentralized, perhaps, where the users are directly rewarded with tokens based on their usage of the services and their activity. The tokens USH also allow you to pay for the services of Hush with a reduction of 50%.

We can read in the whitepaper that the user will receive tokens based on their use of the service, and every month the most active users will receive badges rewarded with tokens USH additional. In the middle of the community there will be a forum and, for example, if a user provides a feature taken up by others, or even developed by a other, all those who have participated will receive tokens to USH.

Join the ICO !

This token USH is on sale in their ICO current, which allows you to benefit from the bonus of having discounts on their services. Note that for the token model they are accompanied by Deloitte and Bitconseil, two nice references on the subject.

To participate in the ICO, it is here it works in the ETH, and even in euro with a credit card with a minimum amount very accessible from 105 € to buy the first tokens of this original project.

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