Hyberbit is announced as the largest global trade partner for the sale of the L21 Litecoin Miner

HyperBit, a company based in Hong Kong and working on the market of the crypto-currency, has been named the largest global trade partner of Bewang Electronic Commerce Company Limited. This company will now have the task of selling a tool for mining, which is the fastest application for the exchange of Litecoins.

HyperBit Shop is therefore the first online shop which enables the exchange of crypto-currencies. All have the possibility to order the L21 Miner. In addition, the order quantity is not limited. The L21 is the fastest solution for the exchange of Litecoins. It has been developed by BW, one of the companies of crypto-currencies, most well-known in China.

The tool, blasting the most powerful currently

The experts have defined the system of blasting as the most powerful currently. It is available in 560 MHS, and can reach a frequency of 600 MHS. Brett Fawell, the COO of HyberBit said that no one can match the return on investment of the L21. They are also excited to be the business partner of this company.

With a housing in high quality aluminum, heat sinks, custom and two fans controlled by the computer, you will be impressed by the performance and the design of the L21. It is designed to be drawing. This tool uses a combination of convection cooling and conduction to provide a blasting optimum.

A firm avant-garde

HyperBit will therefore market the L21 to the different professionals of the sector. This company is at the forefront of the technology of crypto-currencies and aims to create an open community, making it the technology of blasting and the solutions of the blockchain accessible to all.

This collaboration is therefore an important step for the sector of the Litecoins. Now, investors have a tool infallible to ensure that the mining of these crypto-currencies. Everything has been designed to offer users an exceptional experience.