HYCM is launching a CFD contract for the Bitcoin Cash

HYCM, the group Henyep Capital Markets, has announced the launch of a CFD contract for the Bitcoin Cash paired with the us dollar. The introduction of the negotiation BCH/USD bears to five the total number of pairings in crypto-currencies offered by the broker to be based in Hong Kong. The company trade has also integrated a match for XRP/USD.

Check out below the details of this announcement :

An exchange service for digital currencies and CFD

HYCM, a supplier based in Hong-Kong trading of crypto-currencies and CFDS, has recently announced the launch of a matching CFD between the Bitcoin Cash, and the u.s. dollar. The broker has described widespread demand of the customers as the decisive factor in the decision of the company. The new contract BCH/USD has been launched in parallel to a coupling for XRP/USD, HYCM describing the Ripple as having also been the subject of a door to customers ‘ request.

Source : Gerd Altmann, Pixabay. The introduction by HYCM a CFD contract for BCH/USD and XRP/USD.

The CEO of HYCM, Stavros Lambouris, welcomed the introduction of the new arrangements of crypto-currencies, declaring that there is no doubt that the digital currency play an important role in forex trading as well as in the financial market. They extend their offerings to help their clients to diversify in the virtual currency in the same way as in traditional instruments, he continued. By adding Ripple and Bitcoin Cash in their platform, HYCM makes it easier and more accessible for investors looking for investment opportunities, said Stavros Lambouris.

HYCM offers CFDS for five crypto-currencies

The introduction of the matching Bitcoin Cash takes place about seven months after the company has launched a CFD for BTC/USD. About six weeks after, the company then launched contracts ETH/USD and LTC/USD, seeking to capitalise on an increase in the demand of products derived from major Altcoins.

The launch comes just a few days before GDAX no plans to renew the negotiation of BCH/EUR.

Source : NewsBitcoin