Hydro Quebec does not meet the electricity needs of the miners of crypto-currencies

Hydro Quebec, the largest electric utility in Canada, seems to be unable to meet the electricity demand of the miners of digital currencies who are looking to establish themselves in the province. The announcement comes a few weeks after that the company has sought to attract miners of crypto-currencies to support the economic prospects of the region. The company said that it had 5,000 megawatts of energy at its disposal.

Hydro-Québec is in a complicated situation

Hydro Quebec has indicated that it will not be able to meet the energy needs required by the miners of virtual currency. This strong demand is the result of a very successful campaign aimed at attracting investments from the mining industry. Marc Antoine Pouliot, the spokesperson for Hydro-Québec, has recently declared that they will not be able to power all of the projects that they receive. Mr. Pouliot stated that the number of miners has doubled in the last week, which has led to the study of 70 projects mineral potential. They receive dozens of requests each day and in this context their pushes to clearly define their strategy, he continued.

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Feral Pierssens, working alongside the miners of virtual currency, has indicated that the expressions of interest received by Hydro-Québec represent only a minority of the demand in the mining sector.

The concerns of the chinese regulations are pushing the miners to go elsewhere

In a context of increasing uncertainty about the future of mining in China, Eric Martel, chief executive officer of Hydro-Québec, recently sought to attract operators of crypto-currencies. Mr. Martel pointed out the advantages that this could offer to minors. He also indicated the importance of such investment for the local population.

Hydro Quebec has estimated that the province could produce approximately 100 TWh of electricity over the next decade, the equivalent of the energy needed to power 6 million homes in a year.

Source : NewsBitcoin