Hydro-Quebec is not able to keep his promises

The energy supplier Hydro-Quebec was displayed on the front of the stage a few months ago, by appealing to the great miners of crypto-currencies. But the company goes back on its promises for a good reason.

A large-scale campaign

Hydro-Québec had launched a few months ago, many ads and marketing campaigns to attract the largest miners of crypto-currencies in the world. The objective was to make Québec a hub essential in this sector. The arguments were many, as the company announced to be able to provide electricity more than 30 major miners of crypto-currencies at the same time. Thus, the State hosted three of the biggest players on its soil. Which represented several thousands of megawatts.

Pixabay – Colin00B / The company Hydro-Quebec is not able to accommodate as many miners in crypto-currencies that she had said.

Unfortunately, the spokesperson of the company Marc-Antoine Pouliot has just announced that, finally, the energy supplier was no longer able to keep his promises : “Hydro-Québec Distribution will not be able to supply all of the facilities covered by the projects that were presented […], in particular because of their impact on demand during peak winter. “

The reason is not quite that in reality. The quebec government has backtracked in the face of the explosion of requests of the miners of crypto-currencies. The company is therefore currently awaiting new instructions from the government.

Discover the real benefits of crypto-currencies

The Crown corporation Hydro-Québec is in the waiting. And it is a very important decision since the CEO of the company had promised the payment of a dividend of more than 2 billion if the agreements were concluded. Unfortunately, the government wants to first address the topic of crypto-currencies to know what are the real benefits of these assets.

Pixabay – Woodak / mining in crypto-currencies is energy intensive and may harm the inhabitants.

The members of the government also want to ensure that Hydro-Québec will be able to provide you with all of the province’s electricity during peak winter. It would not be permissible to refuse the heating to some inhabitants under the pretext of the mining of crypto-currencies. What has also been keen to remind the minister of Energy and natural Resources Pierre Moreau.

The decisions are therefore to this day in stand-by. To follow.

Source : Bitcoin.com