HydroMiner performs an ICO history in Austria

HydroMiner is a start-up specialized in the mining of crypto-currency. Currently, the company enjoys a strong subscription during the sale of their digital currency, called H2O. Despite the delay of two days at the launch of their first-ICO, the company was able to beat a new record. HydroMiner has already sold more than 95 800 H2O, which has collected more than 8 000 Ethers. The market of Ethereum is today valued at over $ 2.45 billion.

This impressive performance up HydroMiner among the first companies to succeed in such a ICO in Austria. It surpasses the 2 million dollars raised by the first ICO carried out in the country in October. Austria asserts itself today as a european leader on the market of crypto-currencies.

The viability of HydroMiner an opportunity attractive

Since the launch of the ICO to HydroMiner, investors were very confident about the opportunities that can offer this technology. In addition, it helps in addition to be present among the companies of trade of crypto-currencies. This solution is environmentally friendly and aims to open to the general public the complex market of digital currencies.

Check out below a video explaining the operation of this technology :

HydroMiner offers a realistic business plan with a long-term perspective. The company will compare the transactions existing with the reality of the market.

Openness and transparency are the key to success

Directed by Nadine and Nicole Damblon, the direction of HydroMiner sets the standard for a ICO open and transparent. This is one of the ICO to allow the participation of a large investor. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to visit their mining operations in Austria, to ensure the veracity of the project.

The leaders of the company have also made it clear to investors the evolution of HydroMiner. Throughout the year, they have also participated in conferences dedicated to the technology Blockchain.

Source : NewsBTC