Iceland : a man alleged to be guilty of the theft of 600 computers of crypto-mining has escaped

Red alert in Iceland for an individual alleged to be guilty of the theft of 600 computers of crypto-mining has escaped from prison. An international warrant has been launched against the criminal who is highly sought after in the world !

A flight impressive

Sindri Thor Stefansson is an Icelandic who was being held in a prison located in a rural area, to the north of the country. He was arrested following a series of thefts of equipment from crypto-mining, which were worth more than $ 2 million. But last Wednesday, he managed to escape the surveillance of the prison guards and fled. The prison officers have taken several hours before going to give an account of the escape and to prevent the forces of law and order.

Pixabay – Hans / The man escaped from a prison in iceland a few days ago.

It seems that Sindri Thor Stefansson had escaped through a window, before it managed to travel 100 miles to reach the international airport of Keflavík. He would then flew to Stockholm, and then… nobody knows !

An international arrest warrant

An international arrest warrant has been issued by the Swedish police who is actively searching for the criminal. It would seem that the man has been aided in his escape and that there was therefore an accomplice. It is important to know that these men are at the origin of one of the biggest burglaries in recent years !

Pixabay – Muhammad Hassan-The man was jailed for having participated in a burglary of materials for blasting.

The equipment of this mine has never been found and the crypto-currencies have been “lost” also. In effect, the currencies of the BlockChain may be stolen and transferred to anonymous accounts, which makes traceability very difficult. This is also the point that is often raised by those who want to regulate crypto-currencies.

Iceland is very attractive for the miners of crypto-currencies, because there are a lot of renewable energy in the country. It is also for this reason that we find as much of the equipment in the island. Currently, Sindri Thor Stefansson is still being sought. To follow !

Source : Bitsonline