In Argentina, atms, crypto-currencies are installed

The central bank of Argentina, known under the abbreviation BCRA, has relaxed the regulations in force concerning the vending machines. Quickly, following this decision, new dealers, allowing them to obtain crypto-currencies will be installed everywhere in the countries of South America.

A new regulation

The new regulation is somewhat blurred, and the professionals of the crypto-currency have decided to take this lack of precision. What can be read, it is simply that it is now possible to install vending machines in non-banks. At any time the act does not mention crypto-currencies. But these rules soften widely the rules and now enable independent actors to make a pretty place !

Pixabay – Stux / new distributors allow you to obtain currencies classics, but also crypto-currencies.

It must be known that, until now, only the bank Banelco and Link had an approval to install vending machines. They are losing their monopoly and the professionals of the sector of the crypto-asset benefit.

Distributors original and modern

As well, some great bands, like the famous Odyssey Group, wish to take advantage of this new regulation. The boss of the company, Sebastian Ponceliz, is quickly pulled out of the silence to announce the following : “We have signed pre-agreements for the installation of 4,000 distributors. […] But it is only a fraction of the 30,000 new machines which are expected to be across the country by the central bank. “

Pixabay – MaxFonz / regulation concerning the establishment of the vending machines in Argentina has been relaxed.

These machines are technologically advanced should also offer transfers BlockChain in a few weeks. Therefore, they allow to obtain cash money, but also of the digital currency. The public can buy and sell the crypto-currency much more easily. The principle is exactly the same as a distributor classic, except that you don’t buy the cans !

These machines have been highly successful overseas. They are sold 8 000 dollars, and we must add approximately $ 1,000 of installation costs. For the moment, there is no question of the see to land in France, but who knows : maybe in a few months we will see them too !

Source : Bitcoinist