In France, the scams in the crypto-currency increase

Complaints related to scams in crypto-currencies have been rising since a few weeks in France, the phenomenon is national. The Gironde is the department most affected currently, and the offices in bordeaux of the judicial police are sounding the alarm.

A disturbing phenomenon

The Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are at the forefront of the trend for several months now. But investors should be cautious. Because large sums of money attract, of course the crooks. And unfortunately, in recent weeks, complaints of scams is growing on the French territory. In the Gironde, the department of the judicial police has registered a dozen complaints in just a few days.

Pixabay – TheDigitalWay / scams are unfortunately becoming more numerous.

To this day, the victim more injured in France has lost a little more than 700 000 euros. A colossal sum of money ! This person wanted to buy virtual currencies on the Internet, but the site was not secure. And the problem is that it will be almost impossible to recover one day this money.

Many scams can be observed

Generally, the victims are novice investors who do not pay attention to the security of the trading platform used. If a lot of platforms are serious and can be very secure, others play on the naivety of internet users for their take of the money. Thus, the bank accounts of these criminals are being opened in Europe. When they receive the money on the european account, they transfer it elsewhere, and it is then impossible to find.

Shutterstock / flights of crypto-currencies are on the rise in France.

To protect investors, the AMF has established a black list of sites deemed fraudulent and dangerous. A working group has also been created in the national Assembly to regulate the best crypto-currencies and protect investors. But it is obvious that, for the moment, caution is warranted. It is strongly suggested to invest small amounts of money and especially to do it on exchange platforms very secure. A word to the wise…

Source : Journal of the Corner