In Ille-et-Vilaine, a hot air balloon flight costs of 0.03 Bitcoin

The French traders are more likely to accept the Bitcoin as a means of payment. The proof with Air Bubble, a corporate hot air balloon flights located in Ille-et-Vilaine.

A business Bitcoin friendly

Many are betting on the crypto-currency. They believe that a few years the Bitcoin in particular, will replace the other currencies. They have so much confidence in the virtual currency they wish to actively participate in the adventure. Thus, one finds that a number of merchants now accept payment in Bitcoin.

Pixabay – FreePhotos / The owner of the company has chosen to offer payment in Bitcoin for its customers.

This is the case for Grégory Dollé, a contractor originally from the Ille-et-Vilaine. The man is the head of a company of flights in hot-air balloon that he created in 2007. This year, he has grabbed the opportunity and accepts the Bitcoin.

The contractor is working in him to Châteaubriant and offers three takeoff sites, including two in the Ille-et-Vilaine, for his hot air balloon. He discovered the virtual currency during the summer of 2017, and was quickly fascinated by this currency, as he explained : “It intrigued me, and, in the process, I bought some bitcoins to invest in a unit of data storage. “

Of 0.03 Bitcoin for a flight in a hot air balloon

There was no question that he does not take part in the adventure and decided to start. Thus, on its website, one discovers that the Air Bubble is Bitcoin friendly. That is to say that it is possible to pay for her flight in a hot air balloon in Bitcoin. To pay, the trader takes a picture of a QR code and the transaction is done automatically. For a ride in a hot air balloon, it takes about 210 euros, or 0.03 Bitcoin.

Pixabay – SnapLaunch / For now, no customer has paid in Bitcoin, but the entrepreneur is very confident.

Grégory Dollé back on this first experience : “Nobody has yet solved this way. But let’s be honest, accept payment in bitcoins, it is a little to the side image, to show that it is modern. I have not seen a lot of people are exchanging bitcoins. I think that one is still in the first phase : wait for the Bitcoin increases and resell it. “

He confesses, therefore, that, for the moment, the fact that the Air Bubble is Bitcoin friendly, it was not brought to clients. But he seems convinced that his business is in the air time and that, soon, the Bitcoin will be currency widely used. The future will tell us if this entrepreneur ambitious reason.

Source : West France