In Las Vegas, you can pay the strippers with Bitcoins

Slip a ticket under the thong of a stripper could soon be obsolete. In fact, the Legends Room, a strip club in Las Vegas, has just launched a new concept in accepting the payment of the shows dancers in Bitcoins !

An original idea

It is an international first. In effect, the owner of a strip club of Las Vegas, Nick Blomgren, famous business man, has just launched an innovative concept. Now, in the Legends Room, customers can pay for the show of the strippers in crypto-currencies.

Pixabay – Digital Artist / It is possible to pay the show of the strippers with Bitcoins.

He is very proud of his idea, and said : “We heard a lot about Bitcoin for about a year and a half, and I asked myself how we could transform this technology into a new service. […] I said to myself that this would be much more suited to my club of strip-tease. It is indeed the best place for this kind of payment. As it is completely anonymous, the client can remain discreet vis-à-vis his wife and the stripper also vis-à-vis her boyfriend. “

A means of payment, as another

So this is how the Bitcoin has finally been accepted in the club of strip-tease particularly famous. As well, one that has a account of crypto-currencies can be used in this establishment is completely anonymous.

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— LegendsRoomVegas (@LegendsRoom) February 25, 2018

But this is not all, because this man of affairs has continued in the ideas. In fact, some of her dancers boutique have QR codes drawn on the skin : thus, customers can pay for the shows directly to the girls, quietly. It was necessary to think !

The owner of a strip club has found a new usefulness in Bitcoin. It was necessary to think, and we must admit that this concept does not lack originality. After all, why not !

Source : CNews