Increase in energy bills for the companies of mining of crypto-currencies

The regulator of public services of the State of New York has just taken a decision. In fact, officials have announced that it is now possible to increase energy bills for companies specialized in the mining of crypto-currencies.

An important decision

The public service commission of the State of New York is the output of the silence last Thursday. Its chair, John B. Rhodes, in effect, has made public a decision that will not appeal to everyone. The municipal authorities of the Northern State of the United States now have permission to increase the price of electricity for companies specialized in the mining of virtual currencies.

Pixabay – Geralt / The authorities have taken the decision to increase the price of electricity for the enterprises of mining.

It was necessary to know that these companies consume a lot of electricity, which poses a problem in the long term. He absolutely had to find a solution to satisfy everyone.

A thoughtful decision

This decision did not happen by chance. A few weeks ago, the energy Agency New York municipal has filed a petition. This agency brings together 36 local authorities of the State of New York. The latter were afraid that the electricity consumption of companies, blasting is often the cause of increased utility bills. This would have consequences on the household budget. This is all the more true that these companies are not the source of job creation in the region.

Pixabay – ColiN00B / The mining of crypto-currencies consumes a lot of electricity.

This is so heavily criticized is not so much the use of electricity by the enterprises of mining, but rather the fact that this power consumption is going to be expensive for households, and that these companies do not create jobs in the region. Thus the social interest of these companies is virtually reduced to nil !

To overcome these problems, the electricity tariffs will increase for companies that specialize in the mining of virtual currencies. This decision comes a few days after the decision by the city of Plattsburgh to prohibit the mining of crypto-currencies for 18 months. So these are real environmental problems, but also societal that arise now.

Source : Crypto News