India : a woman loses the equivalent of 50 000 euros of Bitcoins

The indian capital New Delhi has decided to take action to ensure the safety of the investors from that a woman was the victim of a hacking is particularly important. In fact, this is exactly for 6.5 Bitcoins, which is approximately 50 000 euros, which have been stolen at this last.

A national survey

The IWC, that is to say, the central bureau of investigation, takes the matter very seriously. The agency of the central indian government wants to warn the investors. It is important to know that many people are totally seduced by the crypto-currencies and do not hesitate to invest the entirety of their savings. Which of course is very risky, the evidence with the mishap of this woman who has lost a lot of money. She has been the victim of a theft of Bitcoins and lost close to 50 000 euros.

Pixabay – Tumisu / The indian authorities to remind investors to be cautious.

We do not know the name of the company in which it had invested in February 2017. She had first placed 0,4 Bitcoin, and received indian rupees regularly, as he had promised. And then it has invested more in this system, as she explained : “I placed all my savings in this company, just like some of my friends and members of my family. “

A scam size

Unfortunately, you know the following : the payments have stopped and she has never been able to recover its investment. In spite of the reminders of society, it has not managed to win the case : “On November 8, 2017, my wallet BlockChain which contained 6,5 Bitcoins has been hacked. The hackers have also deleted all data related to my e-mail. “

Pixabay – Tumisu / The woman is made to steal the equivalent of 50 000 eur.

This example has been used throughout the world to remember that the cases of fraud associated with Bitcoins are unfortunately very frequent, and that the caution is warranted. It is for this reason that it is preferable to use platforms to trade the famous and above all secure. A word to the wise.

Source : Firstpost

  • Arthur60

    Whoa ! What is the story instructive, and sad at the same time. OF this history, it is important to learn that it is not advisable to invest all savings into bitcoin. A priori, it is necessary to invest an amount that you will be able to lose. Likewise, do a thorough investigation on the trading platform that you are interested in before you start. It is as well that I made before I register on the site where I started trading crypto currencies. Today I have no regrets, because I make myself big profits.