Intel joins Ledger to integrate a wallet Bitcoin to the technology SGX

Ledger, the French specialist of the security applications of crypto-currencies and device Blockchain, based in Paris, teamed up with Intel to offer better protection to users of digital wallets. Ledger will integrate its operating system called the Blockchain Open Ledger Operating (BOLOS) in the extensions Intel Softxare Guard (Intel SGX). The portfolios are intended to use the new solution proposed by Intel and Ledger include Electrum and MyEtherWallet.


Strengthen the security of digital wallets

This integration allows Ledger to integrate its operating system, BOLOS, the product range of secure storage SGX Intel. This was in order to offer new opportunities for storage of the holdings of crypto-currencies. The announcement follows a similar agreement between Ledger and Gemalto, who, earlier this month, has revealed a partnership that was also focused on the secure storage. The concept revolves around the idea of creating a sort of” enclave “, in which the private keys are stored and transactions are generated and then signed. For Intel, this emphasis on the hardware has been a defining feature to this day, including his work with the startup 21 Inc. regarding the chips, mining of crypto-currencies.

For some time, Intel has focused on the technology Blockchain. Among the different advances of Intel in this area, there is the Hyperledger. Here is a video explaining the concept of this technology.

Ledger wants to improve the management of digital assets

“We have seen a growing market demand for solutions for secure management of digital assets over the past two years,” said Eric Archbishop, president and CEO of Ledger, about this partnership. And to add : “Following the launch of a range of portfolio material based on our integrated operating system in a secure chip, to work with a major player like Intel is a unique opportunity to continue to offer our customers innovative solutions for applications dedicated to crypto-currencies and the technology Blockchain. “

Source : Coindesk