Investments in crypto-currencies in Russia have reached $ 200 million in 2017

Investments in crypto-currencies in the start-up russians have increased 10-fold in 2017, when contractors have developed more than 100 projects cryptographic. However, the workers computers remain cautious. Only 8 % of them would like to see their wages partially paid in digital currency. Nevertheless, the Russians are optimistic about the Bitcoin, and most predict that its price will increase in a month.

Dynamics of growth : 20 to 200 million dollars

In Russia, new businesses have great difficulty in attracting capital through the traditional channels, banks being reluctant to finance high-risk projects. Often, they need guarantees essential for their loans. For their part, venture capitalists are imposing conditions unfavorable to new companies. These difficulties and the popularity of crypto-currencies have pushed the start-up russians to the ICO.

Below are the detailed explanations of this new :

More than 100 projects on cryptography have been launched in the last year, compared with only 20 in 2016, said Oleg Ivanov, founder of CryptoBazar. Experts believe that the absence of strict rules is behind this growth. This promotes the collection of funds through the offices of the country, but also leaves investors without protection. Investments in crypto-currencies in the start-up russians have been multiplied by 10 in 2017, reaching approximately $ 200 million. In 2016, only 20 million have been collected.

Regulations to limit the risks related to the ICO

The initial investments through the ICO may lead to rates of return is relatively low. This is why the regulators, the russians are not going to replace the ipo. The market capitalization of the digital currency is still low, but thanks to the Bitcoin, many new players have entered the market.

Source : Pixabay. The regulations aim to regulate the market for the ICO in Russia.

The lack of a legal framework to regulate the ICO puts entrepreneurs in a more favorable position for investors. Proposals for regulation have already been unveiled. If they are implemented, Russia will limit the capital raised through a single ICO and cap individual investments.

Source : NewsBitcoin