Is it really necessary to buy Ethereum in 2018 ?

More and more investors are crypto-currencies in France and 2018, with the price of Ethereum as low, many people think that buying ethereum is a good investment.

Analyze in 5 points why invest in the Ether is so cost effective.

In any human activity, the interest remains the goal, and in terms of investment, the interest is expressed by the gain. We measure the quality of an investment to the value of the gain that it provides. Various factors are likely to affect the value gains of an investment : what are the hazards. In the field of crypto-currencies such as Ethereum, it would be interesting to throw a little more light on the various factors of the market to gain a better grasp of future prospects in the short and medium term.

The interest of the approach is to define if there is an opportunity to invest in this crypto-currency is the 2nd currency, a virtual point of view of market capitalisation (market cap) behind the Bitcoin.

To determine the advantages of a crypto-currency or hazards that could influence its course, it must take into account its features already implemented and those to come. It is for this reason that it is appropriate to refer to its roadmap. The roadmap lists the projects and ambitions of the crypto-currency over the year, it is a kind of planning of the developments planned.

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Why absolutely invest in Ethereum

1 – Ethereum, more than a crypto-currency is a platform

It is always necessary to invest in crypto-currencies that offer a wide range of services beyond their function of exchange. Because the more a crypto-currency has features and applications of integrations of multiple sectors, the more secure it is. All services will not be counter-effective at the same time.

Ethereum is not just in its currency, the Ether, it is a platform integrating a crypto-currency and tools of management of assets ; the smart-contracts. These contracts are so-called smart grids offer a multiplicity of applications that consolidate the network by diversifying the sources of income.

For simplicity, the network Ethereum allows everyone to do a lot of things like raise funds, solicit bids, to pay taxes, to recharge his electric car, play a video game, etc

2 – Ethereum, as popular and easy as Facebook or Windows

In the context of generating a profit, it is best to choose a crypto-currency that has received a large accession, and which is supported by a large community.

Ethereum collects a wide suffrage in the world of crypto-currencies. It is considered as a normal evolution and major of the “paleo” crypto-currency that is Bitcoin. Indeed, one could, in comparison, to say the Bitcoin is that it is the BACK of crypto-currencies, Ethereum the Windows or the Mac OS that popularized the system.

Has the image of the operating systems Windows and Mac OS, Ethereum supports different applications from different publishers, which is not the case of the Back, or Bitcoin.

3 – More than half of the funds in crypto-currencies will be routed via the network Ethereum

Your selection criteria must include a cryptomonnaie able to give the goal of a market cap solid can evolve on the medium, long term.

Ethereum has, in the opinion of many experts, likely to see its Market cap grow at a rate higher than the Bitcoin.

Reducing gradually the dominance of Bitcoin to eventually replace it as crypto-currency, which will result in a significant increase of its course.

A scenario is still hypothetical, but which has convinced more and more experts, creating a virtuous circle.

In fact, more and more investors believe that the Ether will exceed in the near future as the Bitcoin. Therefore, they invest in the goal that this prediction comes true.

These investments make up the Ethereum and the drainage inevitably the dominance of Bitcoin.

What makes this assumption more credible, attracting new investors and so on.

The number of these experts are Olaf Carlson-Wee, president of the security background Polychain Capital. According to Mr Olaf, “Ethereum is experiencing an explosion in its course, on average, 20 times in a semester, compared with 8.5 times for the Bitcoin”.

4 – slow next to its production of currencies that will create inflation

On October 16, 2017, Ethereum has undergone a major upgrade with the implementation of a protocol called Byzantium. This protocol is a prerequisite for its passage next to a mode of remuneration said to POS (Proof of Stake).

The immediate result of the passage of Ethereum to a mode POS is that its stock of currency will no longer depend on an ever-increasing number of miners, but it will follow a suite of digital linear. This will have the implication of a price increase.

5 – Ethereum is the cryptomonnaie used by Microsoft and JP Morgan

Gathered within the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), more than 500 companies wealthy of the world have made the bold choice to join the crypto-currency preferred by business owners. In addition to Microsoft and its founder Bill Gate, structures that are often reluctant to take risks, have joined the already long list of companies who have faith in the currency. One could cite the oil company, BP or even the news organization Thomson Reuters.

In addition, Ethereum is increasingly incorporated in the solutions of various financial institutions, to say to the expert of the world Bank, Vincent Launay, that we are witnessing a “Ethereumisation of Wall Street”.

So this is a good time to buy, because it may be a little more difficult in the future because of inflation.

What is the best site to buy Ethereum?

If you are interested in buying Ethereum, be aware that the best place to do it is on eToro. eToro is a broker regulated by several financial authorities that your funds will be fully protected, which is not the case with exchange platforms.

eToro account with 6 million users and offers a platform that is very user friendly which allows you to register and to start investing in Ethereum in just a few minutes.

The verification process is much more rapid than on the exchange (just a few minutes), and their trading technology and social means you can follow the best traders on the network to copy their operations, or to assess the market, which is a great option for beginners.

The crypto-currencies available on eToro are the Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Litecoin, NEO, EOS, Stellar, Cardano and NEM. Follow our tutorial below to learn how to buy Ethereum on their platform.

How to buy Ethereum – tutorial

You have decided to invest in Ethereum, and have chosen to do so via the investment network eToro. Follow the guide to learn how to buy your ethers.

  • First visit the home page of eToro by clicking here. Then click on the button ” join now “.
  • 2. Then, fill in your contact information (first name, last name, user name, email address, password, phone number), and then agree to the terms and conditions and confirm by clicking the blue button ” create an account “

    You can also register via Facebook or Google Plus if you want, by clicking directly on the corresponding icon at the bottom of the registration form.

    3. Once your registration is confirmed, click on the menu “EXPLORE” on the left side of the screen and select ” Tradable Markets “.

    You will then be redirected to this page :

    4. Here, you will be able to follow the flow of the comments posted by other users.

    Click on “Ethereum” – you’ll then on this page :

    5. Now click on the blue button “Negotiation” to arrive here :

    6. Choose the amount you want and click ” Open Denial “. The page below will be displayed :

    7. eToro will then ask you for more information about you : your name, gender, date of birth, and financial status. You can also enter other information, such as for example your level of knowledge of trading.

    8. That’s it, you’re done ! Simply click on the blue button ” Continue “.

    Once on this page, you will only have to make your deposit with one of the many payment methods available, and you’ll be ready to trade !

    Don’t forget to do your research in advance, the exchange of crypto-currencies is highly speculative.

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