It is possible to mine crypto-currencies from an Android smartphone

Depending on your point of view, the scourge of piracy in the process of mining of crypto-currencies, or what we might call an ingenious alternative to retail advertising, has taken off in recent times. Sites like The Pirate Bay and Showtime were the forerunners of this method unfair that is to use a JavaScript code to successfully mine crypto-currencies from the processing power of the processors. As a sign of the expansion of this method, a Russian developer of applications, has been trying to integrate a puzzle game with a code of mining of crypto-currencies to use potentially millions of Android devices to mine crypto-currencies.


Reach millions of Android devices

The Russian developer Alexey Khripkov has described his creation as a Botnet legal, indicating that its game mining of crypto-currencies will be available on the Google Play Store. It is important to note that a Botnet is a collection of hijacked computers that are controlled to perform a single task, using the power of the mass. It is often used in DDoS attacks on the Web sites. Thanks to his playing that is present on the Google Play Store, Khripkov potentially has access to millions of Android devices that they can use to mine crypto-currencies. And since the game is free, this will also be a way to reward his efforts.


A method controversial

The opinions are shared on this particular form of mining of crypto-currencies. Some believe that it is a malicious application and that it should not be allowed, while others believe it is a healthy alternative to advertising and a great way to make profits. There are even some who are more inclined to use it maliciously and secretly JavaScript code hackers, while others, such as Coinhive, one of the most important actors of the industry of crypto-currencies, calls for transparency.

Source : Cointelegraph