It uses the heat generated by the mining of crypto-currencies to grow salads

The crypto-currencies are energy-intensive. To such an extent that some experts are sounding the alarm, believing that the power consumption associated with these virtual currencies is becoming dramatic. Why not use this energy to grow food ?

A power consumption frenzy

The Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies to consume a lot of electricity. Not only are these digital currencies are controversial for their extreme volatility, but in addition, the ecological footprint of the past is very important. The consequences on the environment are dramatic.

Pixabay – TheDigitalArtist / This Canadian has had the idea to create a system to use the heat created by the blasting.

It is primarily the mining of the Bitcoin, which is pointed. It is this process that allows you to generate new currencies and secure transactions. However, this blasting is carried out only by computers that are extremely powerful that run 24 hours on 24 in the world. The energy consumed due to the mining of crypto-currencies exceeds that of the 159 countries !

An original idea

This problem seems insoluble. But it was without counting on the amazing idea of Bruce Hardy, a miner of crypto-currencies based in Canada. It was a shame to waste the heat generated by his thirty computers. It was therefore decided to use it and create a system to grow vegetables and raise fish !

Pixabay – Geralt / The mining of crypto-currencies is energy intensive.

It must be said that his business of mining is an old farm. So the location is perfect. It has, therefore, been able to use the heat from the computers to raise 800 arctic char. It is a fish ! And this is not all. It has also set up a large heated greenhouse, in which it is grown salads and tomatoes.

His invention will not be useful to everyone. But the least we can say is that he has managed to make the mining of the crypto-currency useful for something !

Source : Detours Channel