Japan has created a new agency to strengthen the fight against cybercrime and the theft of crypto-currencies

Japan has decided to put in place a new agency to optimize the fight against cybercrime. The centre is based in Tokyo, is comprised of over 500 analysts and investigators. This agency will also have to fight against the theft of digital currencies. More than 3 million attempts of piracy computer have been recorded last year. The hackers have stolen the funds of a value of over 17 billion yen.

Source : Gerd Altmann , Pixabay. A new japanese agency for the fight against the theft of crypto-currencies.

Crypto-currencies, with a value of 6.3 million dollars have been stolen

The new authority responsible for the application of the act should streamline efforts in the fight against cybercrime in Japan. This agency will be based in Tokyo. A team of 500 officers from various branches of the japanese police and other security services will work in this new agency. The country hopes to solve the Internet security problems more effectively.

Last year alone, hackers have stolen 17 billion yen, or $ 166 million. This includes 663 million yen (6.3 million dollars) for crypto-currencies. These figures do not include funds lost by Coincheck this year. In January, hackers have stolen nearly $ 550 million. The authorities still continue the investigations on this volume

Here is a video in English, which recounts the theft of more than $ 550 million of crypto-currencies in Japan :

The users of crypto-currencies need to be very careful

In march, the national police Agency of japan said that there were 149 cyber-attacks related to the digital currency. In most cases, the hackers were able to access the portfolios crypto non-secure users. Bitcoins with a value of a score of 194.4 million yen have been unlawfully transferred to other accounts.

The number of hacker attacks reached a peak in June, with 41 attacks. It has remained below 20 for the next five months. 16 platforms to trade digital currencies have been targeted. The authorities have strongly criticized the security system of these platforms.

Source : NewsBitcoin