Jay-Z is expanding his portfolio to include crypto-currencies

Nas and Snoop Dogg have supported the commercial application Robinhood, and now the legendary rap star Jay-Z has used a subsidiary, called Arrives, to invest in this solution. This application is already valued at over a billion dollars, approaching $ 1.5 billion on this day.

Below is a video giving more details about this case :

Jay-Z is interested in the digital currency

Shawn Carter, 48 years old, better known under the name of Jay-Z, owns a management company specializing in the entertainment, Roc Nation. The company is specialized in the promotion of concerts, music production, record label and film production. The rapper who has captured 21 Grammy awards, and has sold 100 million of drive, wants to invest in crypto-currencies. In the spring of last year, Mr. Carter has announced the launch of a subsidiary, Arrives in Venture Capital. This company will aim to support start-ups. Jay-Z has since 2012 invested in innovative enterprises.

The director Arrives, Neil Sirni, explained that this subsidiary has been created to take advantage of their experience of their resources in the creation of trademarks, development of business exées on consumers, the management of artists and the representation of athletes. Robinhood at the end of January, has announced that it will expand its services to include the exchange of crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin and Ether.

Source : Pixabay. Jay-Z invests in a company exchanges of crypto-currencies.

Not his first attempt

Neil Sirni said that they believe that this platform will make the financial markets more accessible and profitable for a variety of clients. He said that Robinhood will have their support. Currently, this company has more than three million users. Its total value is around today 1.5 billion dollars.

Arrives has invested in the project of geolocation Insite Application, and Devialet, a company of audio technology. This subsidiary will continue its support for Robinhood. Although rappers such as 50 Cent also invested in the Bitcoin Jay-Z was the first to show his interest for this financial technology.

Source : NewsBitcoin