Johannesburg : a young entrepreneur, 24-year-old becomes millionaire with crypto-currencies

An insatiable desire to see Africa grow and become one of the largest economies in the world has inspired a young entrepreneur to write a book about the way in which this could be achieved. The CEO of Invest in Future Currenc, Mpho Dagada, 24 years, who has already achieved a turnover of several million dollars thanks to the crypto-currency, is currently writing a book.

Here is a video showing the top 5 investors become millionaires with Bitcoin :

It will be published by Jacana Media. The young entrepreneur plans to publish next year. In this book, he will be able to showcase his journey. He explained that this book has the objective of encouraging the youth of the country to participate in the development of South Africa.

The crypto-currencies, the main subject of the book of Dagada

In this book, we will discover the involvement of the entrepreneur in the crypto-currencies. The latter has indicated that he has been endorsed by Russell Simmons, an american entrepreneur and the singer, Akon.

Dagada said he had to first ship the book to the United States to be read by Akon and Simmons. He said that he always wanted to discuss how they can all contribute to the growth of Africa. Dagada confirms that he is interested in crypto-currency since 2014. When he has invested in these digital currencies, the bitcoin is only worth $ 200. He has bought a few bitcoins. The price of this virtual currency has increased significantly since.

One of the first investors in Bitcoin in South Africa

Dagada is one of the first african to have invested in the Bitcoin. The entrepreneur has realized that the price of bitcoin continued to increase. Thus, he decided to study and analyze the market. With a portion of the money he has earned on the exchange of crypto-currencies, it has created a logistics company.

Today, the young entrepreneur is still very invested in crypto-currencies. It offers consultancy services in the virtual currency for investors and businesses.

Source : IOL