John McAfee, a portrait of the controversial actor in the world of cryptos

Almost everybody knows John McAfee because of the famous antivirus software which bears his name (even if it has nothing more to see, and for a long time with the company he founded). Today, the computer security expert, has found a new playing field, the crypto-currencies. Activities of mining, purchases of cryptos, the U.s. invests heavily in the sector. It is also very listened to, despite many controversies that surround it.

“Binance has been hacked” : an anthology of sensational statements of McAfee

If a beautiful day it was to publish the encyclopedia of cryptos, the photo of John McAfee would be a suitable choice to illustrate the definition of the term FUDster. Not later than a few days ago, while the exchange platform Binance was busy trying to solve a technical problem, McAfee has cracked a tweet of which he has the secret :

McAfee TweeterTweet from McAfee about Binance

While acknowledging in his tweet does not have the shadow of a proof, our friend John relays so the “rumor” that one of the platforms for the exchange of crypto-currencies, the most popular of the world would have been hacked. Needless to say, the CEO of Binance there has been very little appreciated. After denial, it was up to publish the addresses of the wallets of the platform, to prove that the funds were safe. Since then, Binance has resumed its activities, refuting the rumor. A few weeks earlier, he attacked to IOTA by saying that it would be a flop ” because Microsoft had bought IOTA “. Not only is this false, but essentially impossible given that IOTA is a foundation… On Binance, McAfee apologized, but the damage is done. Who will be next ?

The case Rod

McAfee is famous for its recommendations of crypto-currencies. It did previously on a daily basis (the corner of the day… it, in fact, crypto-currencies, to recommend!!!). He has now decided to settle for a corner per week. On the 13th of December last, John set his sights on Penis (XVG), a crypto-currency proprietary trading at the time at about 2 cents. It would not take long to see the value of XVG explode : on the eve of Christmas, she reached 0.27, and its value has therefore been multiplied by almost 14. The rush on Penis is caused by statements of McAfee on its social network accounts, including Instagram.

But on December 27, a coup de théâtre : John McAfee claims that he has just predicted a possible increase of the Penis in the long term, which could reach about 15 cents. How to explain the messages in which he announces XVG several dollars ? The former computer security expert claims to have been… hacked.

Since then, the price of Rod has collapsed. McAfee has even been accused by a wealthy investor in XVG, known under the pseudonym of XVGWhale, having blackmailed the creators of Cock. Excerpts of messages were published. They show that McAfee would simply be paid for the promotional work. Worse still, these messages indicate that McAfee would lead to blackmail, pure and hard, the extortion.

Verge crypto monnaie logo

Of course, it is impossible to know who is telling the truth in this case. But having regard to the liability of McAfee in cryptos, and even the controversies that surrounded it during the last few years, personally I have no confidence in this character. I also was appalled to see that it recommended a project phase of ICO in which I have invested, the project boasted of this support.

The history of John McAfee

Are mostly known as John McAfee, the famous anti-virus software. In the 90’s, he sold all the shares of his company for tens of millions of dollars. Character who claims to be a rock ‘ n ‘ roll, he spends without counting. His wealth melts like snow in the sun. After the crisis of 2008, it is hit and sells a significant portion of its assets. He will explain this decision by the desire to fool the people who bring lawsuits to obtain money.

With what remains, he moves to Belize. It creates a specialty pharmaceutical company whose goal is to create antibiotics from plants of the jungle of Belize. The lab is raided in may 2012 : the authorities accuse John McAfee of manufacturing methamphetamine, a substance most commonly used in the nightlife than in hospitals. To his credit, no illegal substance was found during the police raid. According to him, he has been a victim of a transaction fabricated for refusing to pay bribes to the local government.

BelizeBelize – Source Pixabay

A few months later, his neighbor is murdered. McAfee is part of the suspects, he hides for fear of being murdered by the forces of the order of Belize while denying any involvement in the murder of his american neighbour.

John McAfee ended up being arrested in Guatemala, a country in which he had entered illegally. While he was on the verge of being extradited to Belize, he fainted, simulating a heart attack. His lawyer will be able to get another destination for his deportation, namely his country of birth, the United States. He now lives in Tennessee, accompanied 24 hours on 24 by a body-guard. It would be followed.

I’ll spare you the details of his private life, because it only concerns him. But listening to John McAfee, the problems continue as he is completely innocent. When something turns sour it is never his fault, he always has a good explanation. McAfee is a brilliant mind, it is undeniable. But it seems to use its influence, in loss of speed since the saga Rod, to make money on the backs of investors in cryptos gullible.

Source : ABC News, Finder, NCC, Vice