John McAfee bill 105 000 $ the tweet to highlight an ICO

John McAfee would he finally succeeded with his conversion ? It looks like that yes ! Indeed, the computer scientist criticized for his advice sometimes unwise explained that he was charging 105 000 $ the tweet to highlight an ICO. Suffice to say that his services are very expensive.

A marketing strategy is successful

John McAfee is an original who does not lack ideas to make the buzz. Remember : in 2015, the computer scientist had presented his candidacy for the american presidency. This time, he decided to create a new page on its website to offer what he calls ” the most effective marketing channels in the world for the ICO. “

We finally wrote down how our promotional tweets work. It’s self aggrandizing and ego-stroking for us, however, if you’re planning an ICO, trying to boost a corner gold want to shine a light on your latest project, you should overlook our swollen egos and see:https://t. co/O6TBWrxDzm

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) March 30, 2018

What the man has nothing of revolutionary, but it works. In fact, it relies on its 810 000 followers on Twitter, and it is the relay different information. His tweets are often so original that they buzzent and are relayed in the major media. He believes in the power of his tweets, and has explained the following thing : “In the area of crypto-currency, nothing can match the power of a tweet from John McAfee. Many times, a simple tweet has caused several million dollars of investment in ICO. And many currencies have seen their price increase of over 100 % thanks to a simple tweet. “

A service very expensive

And as his system seems to work perfectly, the computer scientist does not hesitate to raise the price. Thus, to have a tweet from John McAfee, you will need to spend… 105 000 dollars. Which according to him is not exorbitantly expensive : “With the price per tweet, the cost per investor is less than that of any leverage marketing of the crypto-world. If one takes into account the followers, the price per investor is only 0.13 us. “

Screenshot of the website, John McAfee / The computer scientist offers a number of services.

The website of John McAfee does not simply put tweets promotional sale. In fact, it also offers many services for start-ups wishing to drive a ICO. Strategic insights to major alterations of white paper optimization of a website, anything is possible.

John McAfee has definitely succeeded with his conversion. It seems to us that the price of the tweet is excessive, but if it manages to sell, after all why not…

Source : McAfee