Kazuno attracts miners of various crypto-currency, thanks to an energy self-sufficiency remarkable

The authorities of a japanese city, known for its supply of renewable energy and its low temperatures in winter, to attract the miners of crypto-currency and encourage them to use their green energy. Besides, a company has already announced that it would open “the first centre of blasting japanese-powered clean energy” in the city to operate a dozen of crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin.


Favorable conditions for the mining of crypto-currency

The japanese city of Kazuno is trying to encourage companies to use the abundance of renewable energy that it offers. Located in the prefecture of Akita, a prefecture in the mountainous north of the main island of Japan, the city has about 32,000 inhabitants. Kazuno has a serious trump card that makes it conducive to the activities of mining of Bitcoin. In effect, the average temperature of the city is low, which helps to improve the effects of exhaustion and cooling of the heat to cope with the high temperatures generated by the computer during the process of mining.


The city will host a major center of the mining of crypto-currencies

Regarding the abundance of renewable energy, Kazuno is able to offer geothermal energy, hydropower and wind power. Moreover, its self-sufficiency rate in electricity exceeds 300 %. This is one of the main reasons that pushed the company Miner Garage Co., Ltd., working primarily in the mining of crypto-currencies, to settle in the city of Kazuno. Its CEO, Takuya Omata, said : “using the resources in the clean energy of the city, Undermine Garage will open and operate the first mining centre in japanese based on clean energy in December 2017. “From what we know, this center of mining will include more than 600 computers at the time of launch. And it is expected that the Miner Garage performs operations of approximately 300 million yen per year and will process about ten different types of crypto-currency, including Bitcoin.

Source : News.Bitcoin