Keepkey Wallet now accepts Bitcoin Cash

The adoption of Bitcoin Cash by the companies of crypto-currencies continues. Today, it is the turn of Keepkey to offer new investment opportunities to its users. In addition, thanks to this new integration, more than 4 500 traders in India could soon be able to accept payments in Bitcoin Cash.

Logo Bitcoin Cash/Source : Bitcoincash

A successful integration

Keepkey, the provider of the portfolios on a hardware crypto-currencies, which has been acquired by Shapeshit in August 2017, has announced that the Bitcoin Cash is now supported by its network. The developer explained that ” Our beta client recent (4.5.11) for the Bitcoin Cash has been tested thoroughly and is now very mature. “All users of the wallet that holds the Bitcoin at the time of the junction, which occurred on August 1, 2017 and who have not yet claimed their Bitcoin Cash will see that the crypto-currency is now available when they open their accounts on the online platform. They can also add an account Bitcoin Cash to send, receive and exchange the BCH with Shapeshift.

Mobile platform of Zebpay/Source : Deccanchronicle

Adoption in a string

Any person who will claim his Bitcoin Cash with Keepkey will also be able to exchange it on two other platforms in Asia. Zebpay, one of the largest markets for Bitcoin in India in terms of number of clients, has integrated the Bitcoin Cash in the framework of its version 2.0. Launched in July 2015, Zebpay is a platform-based applications, indian available on Android and iOS. This integration will allow users to buy and sell crypto-currencies, to recharge their mobile packages for prepaid and buy good.

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