KFC Canada introduces the Bitcoin Bucket !

You know KFC, the famous fast-food restaurant specializing in chicken. Well, the brand recently launched the Bitcoin Bucket, in order to allow customers to buy the fried chicken with the crypto-currency. However, to buy this product, you need to visit Canada.

Beautiful effect of buzz for KFC

KFC Canada is the buzz these last few days after launching the Bitcoin Bucket. In fact, for a limited time, the brand of fast food allows customers who want to buy their fried chicken with the crypto-currency. The latter may only purchase a single product. But the marketing has been well thought out as the packaging of the Bucket, which is payable in Bitcoin sports the now famous symbol of the crypto-currency !

To go even further, KFC Canada has played the game of social networks. Thus, it is possible to follow in real time, in a video put online in recent days, the evolution of the price of the Bitcoin Bucket ! In fact, the price is fixed at $ 20 canadian, which is about 13 euros. But of course, it is constantly changing according to variations of the crypto-currency.

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A certain disappointment on the part of consumers

Some canadians, however, are disappointed by this idea launched by KFC. They thought they could settle their Bitcoin Bucket directly in store, but this is not the case. The company only accepts payment on-line, with the benefit BitPay. Thus, the Bitcoin Bucket is not available on site, but is delivered at the customer’s home. Furthermore, it is necessary to add 5 dollars for shipping costs.

It is necessary to see in the Bitcoin Bucket in a first attempt, rather successful. However, it was necessary to dare to do so, and KFC has launched into the adventure of the crypto-currency. Moreover, the community manager of KFC said on Twitter that this was the beginning, and that in the future, KFC Canada may well support other digital currencies.

We only sell in #Bitcoin right now. Other crypto corner in consideration. Buy now exclusively at: https://t.co/A80ALE9vB1

— KFC Canada (@kfc_canada) January 11, 2018

The initiative has had no effect on the market price of the parent company of KFC Yum ! But the idea is good and appreciated. In addition, it is a nice shot of buzz marketing… What do you think ?

Source : CoinTelegraph