Kik Messenger decides to get out of the network Ethereum

Ethereum is often considered as the ultimate solution for decentralized applications. Some specialists even argue that it could become the main support for the development of software in the future. Today, it’s Kik, which will introduce the Ethereum.


Kik wants to modernize its messaging platform

Ted Livingston, founder and CEO of Kik Messenger, has revealed in its latest exchange in line with the community Kik as the Kin, the token is usually used on the platform, will be decoupled from the network Ethereum. He said among other things that Kin is more and more slow, because the network Ethereum starts to be saturated. Kik Messenger currently has more than 300 million users and is still very popular with teenagers. The main features of Kik Messenger are the features preserving the anonymity of the users, such as the possibility to register without a mention of his phone number.


The network Ethereum idles

Among the main reasons cited by the CEO of Kik for the abandonment of Ethereum, there is a lack of reliability and scalability of this crypto-currency, despite the fact that its value is rising. When the developers of Kik have tested Kin with only 10,000 users, they have discovered that Ethereum could not handle the volume of transactions. In addition, the costs of using this altcoin are now too prohibitive, especially in terms of management of the microtransaction business model. The costs of the transaction means with the Ethereum are now $ 1.08 and the median cost is 0,377 $.

One could expect that the flow of ICO, which has seen the launch of chips ERC20 is the cause of the problems slowing the network Ethereum, but the truth is any other. In effect, the users of Crypto Kitties, a game in which the heroes are virtual animals, which have contributed to jamming the network Ethereum and make up prices.

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