Kubera : a game platform of innovative technology-based Ethereum

The universe of online gaming has rapidly developed in recent years. The companies specializing in the field are constantly innovating in order to provide a gaming experience that is always rewarding. Recently, an innovative platform was launched. It is of Kubera. This online solution allows players to gamble with crypto-currencies. The team of Kubera uses the technology in Ethereum to provide a fully secured payment system.

Users can also take advantage of intelligent contracts for the games that are in development. The game professionals seek today the means of facilitating the task of the players. The integration of this technology on Kubera will surely encourage others to adopt the same strategy.

Check out below the video explaining this concept :

Limit the risk of deposit players

Kubera will allow players to have full control of their funds using the intelligent contracts of Ethereum. This will secure the buy-ins for tournaments and allow for the distribution of payments independently based on the results of the game.

To establish the fairness of the games and the trust

By using protocols and by applying intelligent contracts in the latter phases, all the results of games are much more transparent at the end. The use of the system Byzantine will then allow a better fairness.

Reduce the cost of the players

The innovative architecture, powered by the technology Ethereum will allow to Kubera to reduce the costs of payment. This solution is primarily intended to allow players to achieve savings. This will also foster the implementation of an ecosystem more balanced game.

Create a gaming network decentralized

The objective of Kubera is to create a network of games online, decentralized developers and operators can use and exploit. The new features will soon be integrated on the platform.

The team of Kubera has spent years studying the current dynamics of the market of online games. The objective of the project is to fill in the gaps of the industry through the creation of a new online game network decentralized.

Source : Bitcoinist