allows you to pay its regular bills with bitcoin

The total capitalization of the bitcoin is only about 200 billion euros; The traders, the HODLers, enthusiasts and all other holders of the crypto-currencies should start to use them in their daily lives so that industry can prosper. offers to the believers of the bitcoin an innovative way and practice to spend their bitcoins earned by offering a platform where each holder of crypto-currency can pay bills, such of the type ;

  • Rent / Mortgage
  • Vehicle or other transport payments
  • Utilities (gas / electricity / other)
  • Phone / Internet
  • Holiday
  • And virtually all other things that are more than 100 euros

The payment service decentralized works like this : Any user can ask to become a payer of invoices via the platform, After having filled in an application form, the most appropriate candidates will be invited for a personal interview to define the desired contract to be set with the platform, but also to setup a trust relationship.

Once accepted on the platform, users can pay the bills that the other submit and receive Bitcoin to a rate interesting, which corresponds to a pay to pay bills in fiat currency that they have agreed to support.

Other service offered by Lamium : a bill payment system, which works in the opposite direction. The end user may charge third parties in EUR and CHF. Each third party may pay the invoice in EUR / USD or CHF, while the client of Lamium receives the invoiced amount to be paid in Bitcoin.

The platform does not charge a commission transparent of 1.97% for its services. With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, looks like a new innovation decentralized, which seeks to connect the actual payments with the cryptomonnaies and to promote the adaptation of Bitcoin to the general public.