Launch a platform for the exchange of crypto-currency chilean in Argentina

The company of trading currencies digital Buda has been launched in Argentina. This platform is expected to support initially four crypto-currencies. Already present in three other countries, the exchange platform has shown the potential of Argentina for the development of Buda.

Buda is developing in Argentina

The business of exchanges of crypto-currencies chilean has started its operations in Argentina on may 28. It has the objective to promote the purchase and sale of virtual currency in the country., which currently operates in Chile, Colombia, Peru and now in Argentina, more than 80 000 customers. The director-general of the bourse, Pablo Chavez, claimed that the crypto-currency could have a positive effect on the functioning of the financial industry in Argentina. Mr. Chávez has explained that the argentinean market had potential. In addition, it has a great community of crypto.

If you missed this news, here are the details in English :

Chávez said at the outset that the digital currency will be the Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and the Bitcoin. Moreover, Buda, will soon integrate Litecoin. The argentine peso is to be used for the purchase and sale of crypto-currencies available on the platform.

The argentine market

In relation to the entry of the trade on the argentine market, Chávez believes that should become one of the platforms the most important of the Latin american continent. According to the latter, the volume of transactions is expected to reach nearly $ 20 million per month at the end of the year 2018.

Chávez was confident about the future of crypto-currencies. People realize how easy it is to transfer money online using the virtual currency, he said. This environment will allow to integrate into the market more quickly. In parallel, the company is fighting to obtain the reopening of his bank accounts in Chile. The group has filed a complaint against 10 banks in April after the closure of his current account.

Source : NewsBitcoin