Litecoin will go out of his status as underdog this year 2017

The Litecoin is indeed the surprise of the year 2017. The crypto-currency climbed more stairs, and wants to impose itself in the world of currency is cryptographic. This currency internet peer-to-peer (peer-to-peer) has convinced more and more investors. This is due to its current which increases more and more. The LTC is now worth more than 60 dollars.

On the not of the Bitcoin, the Litecoin will be maybe the revelation of this year 2017

With a turnover that reached the peaks, the crypto-currencies reign today as a master in the financial sector. If the Bitcoin has been appreciated more than 150 % in the last month, it is around the crypto-currency Litecoin to go up little by little notoriety. Despite the blow brought by Beijing to the ICO (Initial Corner Offerins), Bitcoin and Litecoin maintain their potential for recovery. Actually, Bitcoin is still treated at a symbolic price of 4000 dollars, or 3340 euros. His counterpart, meanwhile, still retains its value of 60 dollars.

Litecoin advance little by little without the fear of a crash

The litecoin was created in 2011 is now the 4th market capitalization with nearly $ 1.6 billion. The crypto-currency presents a mode of operation identical to Bitcoin for the simple reason that its code is the modification of the latter. If the price of this cryptomonnaie is now evaluated exactly at 62 dollars (or 50 euros), we could hope to in months or even weeks to come up surrounding the 81,70 $. It could even reach the symbolic price of $90.

So, if you want to invest in the cryptomonnaies why don’t you start with the litecoin ? The all is well to choose the platform in which you want to sell or buy your LTC.