LocalBitcoins establishes a record in trading volume

In recent weeks, many countries have established records in terms of volume of transactions on LocalBitcoins. The peak volume can be attributed to the considerable rise of Bitcoin, more than 10 000 dollars. This increase has encouraged many investors. Different companies in the trade of crypto-currencies have also benefited from this increase.

November was a month of record for the Bitcoin

The week of November 4, has seen most of the countries to establish the vertices for the trade P2P according to Coindance, including Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa and Sweden. With the exception of Kenya, Mexico and Singapore, all these countries have produced similar trends in terms of trade volume. A rise has been recorded in the week of 25 November.

Titanicophile, Wikimedia Commons

The week of the 11th November has seen the Latin american markets of Argentina, Chile and Peru to reach a record volume, alongside the Czech republic, Norway and the united arab Emirates. All of these markets show a similar trend, with an increasing volume at the beginning of the month, before falling the week of the 11th.

The trade P2P soars

Only the markets of the dominican Republic, Poland and the United States have reached record volumes during the week of November 18. The United States has realized a transaction volume of more than $ 11 million during the week of 4 November on LocalBitcoins. Moreover, the markets of Poland and the dominican Republic show a slight weakness towards the beginning of the month, before climbing back up for the week of 18.

Canada has marked the week of November 25, reaching a significant volume. Almost every country in the world that have adopted the Bitcoin have experienced a strong growth of their market during the month of November.

Source : NewsBitcoin